Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spoonful of Comfort Review

I love entering blog giveaways and I recently won a Spoonful of Comfort care package from the Andie's Adventures blog giveaway. I'm quite new to blogging and have never written a review before but this package was so good that I had to give it a go!

After emailing my address to Andie so she could forward it to the Spoonful of Comfort company, the package came really fast and I was so pleased with what I got. I opened the box to find the beautiful floral cover sheet (show at the back of the photo). Underneath the sheet was a card then the items nestled in shredded paper packaging. I really loved the way the whole package was put together, it felt so special and I felt so lucky. The yellow spotted bows are such a cute touch.

The jar of chicken soup came wrapped in foiled bubble wrap with a cool pack inside. It was still cold when I opened it even though it must have sat in our apartment building's package holding room for a few hours till I went down to collect it. After I opened it I popped the jar in the fridge and waited until the next day since I wanted to take the photos before I ate it. The chicken soup smelled delicious and tasted so good!

I warmed a roll in the microwave slightly since I'd  had them stored in the fridge. It was really soft and tasted so yummy. The soup is really filling, I felt full after this small bowl and one roll and almost didn't have room for a cookie. But, I couldn't help it, oatmeal and raisin are my favourite cookies!

Here's a half eaten (sorry I couldn't wait) photo of one of the cookies with a cup of tea.

And here's Tilly after she ate a tiny bit of the soup too. 

"Come on Mummy! Give me some more!"

Thank you Andie's Adventures and Thank you Spoonful of Comfort. This was a really great prize!

I'd recommend this package to anyone. It would be so good to send to someone far away who was in need of some care. I think it would be so much more thoughtful than the usual 'Get Well Soon' flowers and things.

Thanks for reading my first review!

Disclaimer (people seem to add these on their reviews so I thought I should too) This is my own personal review written after I tried and tested this product. I won this package and was not asked to write a review. The contents of this review are my own thoughts and opinions.


  1. Hi Kat
    That was a great review!! I can't believe you said you have never written a review before. It's awesome! Thank you for the great review to my site also. I really appreciate it. You have a cute blog. Thanks for the follow. I'm now following you.

  2. Ooh...nice basket and I am totally craving soup now. ^_^ (and the kitty is such a cutie!) Thanks for sharing!