Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Granny Square Blanket

Here it is, my first crochet blanket. I've finally finished the tedious task of tying in all those loose ends and taken some photos.

I wanted to make a blanket for a friend's baby girl so I knew I needed girl colours, but didn't want to do pink. And, since I'm quite new to crochet I didn't know what brand of yarn I needed either. So, I went along to the store, looked around and found this multi coloured yarn that I really loved. I also picked up the turquoise colour to complement it. At first I tried to follow a pattern for a really cool circle-squares blanket but found it too difficult. After a few attempts I had to give up on that one and try something easier - I am a beginner after all!

When I first started crochet I made one or two Granny Squares before moving onto other small projects such as headbands and simple flowers. I decided to return to the Granny square and keep it simple for my first blanket until I improved my skill enough to try out other patterns. After I made several squares and decided how many I wanted to make - 36 in total, 6 of each colour, I went back to the store to find some more colours. Here is the list which includes the 2 that I bought earlier:

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
2 x Monet (multi colour)
1 x Pale Yellow
1 x Frosty Green
1 x Aruba Sea (turquoise)
1 x Lavender (medium purple)
1 x Orchid (dark purple)

The squares are a bit gappier than they should be since I was chaining 2 instead of 1 between each shell and didn't realise until I'd almost completed all the squares.

The squares are connected together with lines of single crochet in the multi colour yarn. The border is 1 line of single crochet in yellow, 1 line of double crochet in multi, 1 line of single crochet in green, then a line of purple ripple stitches. The whole thing is 45" square.

I'd love to know what you think! Just leave a comment below.

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