Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Use A K-Cup Without A Keurig Machine

A few months ago we got a variety of free K-cups in the mail. We don't have a machine so thought we'd have to give them away to someone that does. We were able to use the hot chocolate cups quite easily by dumping the contents into a cup of hot water, however, the coffee and teas proved much less simple.

As you may know, the tea and coffee cups come with an inbuilt filter to stop the yucky bits getting into your drink. We found this out the hard way with an icky and potent cup of peachy tea.The rest of the cups have been sitting in the back of the cupboard since.

Today, I was feeling somewhat adventurous and decided to experiment. I had an idea but had a quick search online to see how others have overcome this problem. One solution I found required a small coffee filter and piece of string and instructed me to dump the K-cup contents out into the filter and make a little teabag. I don't have filters and the method didn't really appeal to me. So, I decided to try out my original idea.

I put cold water in a small glass jug (glass measuring cup with spout) and heated it in the microwave being careful not to make it too hot. I carefully cut the bottom of the cup off with a knife a little worried about piercing the filter inside. Inside the cup I found a plastic filter disk with the filter that the tea sitting higher up than I thought. I peeled most of the foil cover off the top, held it over a mug and slowly poured the water in a little at a time. The water was coming through pretty clear by the time my mug was getting full. It was quite slow and a little messy but it worked!

Here are the photos I took after I'd used it, just to show you what the K-cup looks like inside.

The bottom of the cup after I'd sliced it off.

Bottom of the cup with the plastic disk removed.

The gunk left in the cup after I'd used it.

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