Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Candy Crush Extra Lives Cheat For Desktop

It's a well known cheat to refill lives when playing Candy Crush on your phone or tablet, so this is the best way for most people to play. However, if you run out of levels to play, you might want to go play on the desktop version since new levels always appear there first. The problem is that it is harder to get more lives once the five are all used up. But don't worry - I found an easy cheat for you!

For this to work you need access to two Facebook accounts and the two must be friends. You will also need a phone or tablet with the Candy Crush app installed.

On the desktop, play Candy Crush with your main account until you have zero lives. On your phone or tablet you need to be logged in with an alternate Facebook account. If you are logged in with your main account log out using the gold icon in the bottom left of the Candy Crush app. Then you will need to go into the Facebook app and switch to your alternate account. Then go back to the Candy Crush app and connect to Facebook.

In the Candy Crush app on the phone press on one of the levels that you already played with your main account, find yourself on the scoreboard for that level then send yourself a life. Then kill the app by pressing the home button and swiping the app. On the desktop browser hit the page refresh. This should give you an extra life and also tell you your friend (alternate FB account) sent you a life - press accept and you should have 2 free lives. And that's it!

Now you can play or get 2 more lives by reloading the app on the phone, sending another life then refreshing the desktop browser page. Don't forget to kill the phone Candy Crush app each time.

Let me know if this works for you!

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